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Australia. [New South Wales].

The Basics
Australia. New South Wales
In a nutshell

Australian re-enactors can't belive that people will travel from the other side of the Globe so as to take part in their shows.

If you do manage to 're-enact down under' you'll find the locals a happy friendly bunch.


Do this if you have time: 


The bars are full of 'Pokies' [Slot-Machines] each bar will have dozens of the things. They are intrusive and spoil the atmosphere.

Sydney is Sydney, but if you're in Oz you can't not go there. Your money will disapear faster here than any where else in the state. The Rocks is worth a visit as is the Sydney Aquarium. If you have the time take the 'River Cat' from Circular Quay to Parramatta.

Further afield.

The Three Sisters and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains are well worth a look.

Mount Kiera look out gives a great view of the coast.

Drive down the Princes Highway to Shell Harbour and Kiama. We are talking blue sky, blue sea, dolphins...You could set it to music.

What you should know

The Australian dollar.

Cash machines are almost everywhere.


You will almost always fly to Australia. Once there trains and buses are regular. But ! It's a big place and the distances between places are vast.[by European standards], so hire a car.


On the coast seafood is plentiful. Inland, meat is served in large slabs.

Chinese food is usually very good. Don't buy from street vendors


The water is safe to drink but most people buy it bottled.

Tea and coffee is served in most venues.

Tooheys  beer is good, either 'old' or 'light'

Wine is plentiful,[no surprize].

Port is popular and home produced.  You'll find more varieties ranging in both price and quality in any one Australian Supermarket than you'll find in a good English Off Licence.

Bottle Shop = Off Licience

Law & Order: 

The police carry guns.

Be sensible when travelling, but crime is much the same as in Europe.

Inner city areas are the same the world over, as are the red light districts.


The Emergency number is 000.

Australia has Health agreements with many countries, [inc UK]. So if the worst comes to the worst you should be ok.



Lots of the insects, reptiles, plants and fish are poisionous.

Many of the insects, reptiles, fish and animals bite.

However most of them try to avoid humans and if you use mosquito spray and check your boots you shouldn't come to any harm.