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Re-enactors Guide to the World


"The Grand Tour"

This guide is written by people who have re-enacted in these countries, but not by those who live there.

It is aimed at re-enactors who have, at most, a day or two but usually only a few hours to spare outside showtime. For more in depth information, buy a Rough Guide.

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Australia. [New South Wales].

Australian re-enactors can't belive that people will travel from the other side of the Globe so as to take part in their shows. If you do manage to 're-enact down under' you'll find the locals a happy friendly bunch. .


If you want good food, friendly locals and plenty of history all in the sun. Malta is the place. A sea nymph held Odysseus captive here for 7 years. I can see why he didn't try very hard to escape.


Reported by Lesley ‘Amber’ Stene from Great Britain.A kingdom of around 4.8 million people, spread over about 385,200 square kilometers. The official head of state is King Harald V. Spectacular wide open spaces, mountains and fjords. Norwegians joke that there are more trees than people. The climate is surprisingly temperate....


 Sweden is a big Country. If the northern most tip was brought to the latitude of London then Malmö would be in the Mediterranean just off the coast of North Africa. This is an important fact to take into consideration when planning any journey to take part in an event....


Waterloo. It's in Belgium and is notoriously difficult to get to. Take Friday off and also Monday. Plan to arrive at your chosen port, [Dunkerque is best, with Norfolk Line] as early as you can, [this will mean wasting no time at home in the morning] as you don't really....