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"Dandyism is the last heroic gesture amid decadence. It is a setting sun, glorious but without warmth and full of melancholy."

"The giant race is extinct and we are left in the hands of little ones."
Francis Homer on the deaths of Fox and Pitt.

I mentioned that I was afraid to put into my journal too many little incidents."There is nothing, sir too little for so little a creature as man."
Boswell to Johnson.

Dolly's Chop House...used to stand in Queens Head Passage Paternoster Row...and was demolished in 1883.
Haunch of Venison Yard...was once off Brook Street near the corner of Bond Street.
Lewkenor's Lane...used to be in the middle of the Hundreds of Drury.
Pickle Herring Stairs...once stood to the south of London Bridge.
The columns that were once on the front of Carlton House...are now on the front of the National Gallery.

The Plough Inn at Burnham Thorpe is now called The Lord Nelson. Nelson held a farewell party there before joining the Agamemnon.
The Three Kings Inn Deal is now called The Royal Hotel. Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton once stayed there.

King George III once climbed out of a window in the Bishops Palace at Worcester to go on a impromptu 'Royal Walkabout'.
Mr. W Shore...once lived in Mincing Lane London.