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A Guide to the World of King George

by - "A Gentleman"

  • Of Words, Phrases and Things from Dictionary


  • Of All the Kings Men and the Law of the Land


    "He that cannot obey, cannot command."
    Ben Franklin.


    I often wish'd that I had clear,
    For life, six hundred pounds a year,
    A handsome house to lodge a friend,
    A river at my garden's end,
    A terrace walk, and half a rood
    Of land, set out to plant a wood.

    Augustus at Rome was for building renown'd
    And of marble he left what of brick he had found;
    And is not our Nash' too a very great master ? -
    He finds us of brick and leaves us all plaster.

  • Of England and the English


    "Our good old island now possesses an accumulation of prosperity beyond any example in the history of the world."
    Aukland to Grenville 1792.

    "The young are always right, the old are always wrong."
    Henry Fox.

    ''Good and evil wil grow up in the world together ; and they who complain, in peace, of the insolence of the population,must must remember that their insolence in peace is bravery in war.''
    Dr Johnson.

  • Cradle to the Grave.


    "When God created the Human race he made men, women and Herveys."

    Love on ye jolly rakes, and buxome dames,
    A child is safer than venearal flames;
    Indulge your senses, with sweet offence,
    We'll keep your bastards at small expence.

    Lady Northumberland, "It is plain that she, [Emma Hamilton] has a camel in her belly."
    Lord Edgecome, "It is true that it didn't enter through the eye of a needle."

  • Of Travel, Farming,Industry and Cost.

    That is carrying a punk of quality to a mornings exercise; or a Bartholomew baby beau, newly launched out of a choclate house with his pockets as empty as his brains.

  • Of Other People, their countries and manners

    Smaller Nations and States involved in the Napoleonic Wars.

    Hugh R. Martyr.

    In Napoleonic times what we know as Germany consisted of many different Duchies, Archdukedoms and Principalities, some owing elegance to the larger Prussia and others forming alliances with other non Germanic States and amongst themselves.. Their history is interesting diverse and complicated in the extreme, however I will endeavour to concentrate on their involvement within the period of the Napoleonic wars.

  • Of Food and Drink.


    Walk in, kind Sirs, My Ale is good,
    And take a drop with Robin Hood.
    If Robin Hood is not at Home,
    Pray take a drop with Little John.
    The Robin Hood Pub in Monmouth.


  • Of the City our Towns and our Counties

    The town of Barking has still several picturesque old houses remaining in it. The market-house, of this kind, is very spacious, with rooms over it, and was built about the time of Queen Elizabeth. A large convienient work house was erected in the year 1787, in which appropriate rooms for the education of poor children.
    The Gentlemans Magazine.

  • Of People on People and the Nicknames they used.


    Fredrick Hervey on the singing voice of Prince Augustus.
    ''This may be very fine braying, but it is intolerable singing.''

    Hester Stanhope on William Austin.[Willikin].
    ''A nasty vulgar looking little brat.''

    George Prince of Wales on Barrymore.
    ''I was very much shocked at the account of Barrymore' death. Though he was a great rogue, yet to be sure it must be confessed that when he pleased he could be exceedingly good company.''


    Our rooms are filled with pyramids of china, and adorned with the workmanship of Japan. Our morning draught comes to us from the remotest corners of the Earth. We repair our bodies with the drugs of Americia, and repose ourselves under Indian canopies. My friend Sir Andrew calls the vineyards of France our gardens; the Spice Islands our hot-beds; the Persians our silk weavers, and the Chinese our potters.''


    "Dandyism is the last heroic gesture amid decadence. It is a setting sun, glorious but without warmth and full of melancholy."

    "The giant race is extinct and we are left in the hands of little ones."
    Francis Homer on the deaths of Fox and Pitt.

    I mentioned that I was afraid to put into my journal too many little incidents."There is nothing, sir too little for so little a creature as man."
    Boswell to Johnson.




    ...though an excersise not much heard of, yet is not out of use. There are some men of fashion who still amuse themselves this way.
    The World.

    ''Twas a glorious sight to behold the fair sex
    All wading with gentlemen up to their necks,
    And view them so prettily tumble and sprawl
    In a great smoaking kettle as big as our hall;
    And to-day many persons of rank and condition boil'd by command of an able physician.