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Première Division

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Armée Française - Première Division

  • 45e

    This unit has confirmed for Waterloo

    A UK based French line infantry unit. Part of the Napoleonic Association. Portraying the lives of fusiliers and their ladies throughout the Empire period. We aim to be represented at all of the bi-centennial events across Europe. So whether you want to take part as a fusilier, cantinierre, vivandiere, or camp-follower you will have an enjoyable and rewarding time. New members are always welcome. We have a number of family units within the regiment and offer a wide selection of roles and activities for everybody.

    Duncan Miles
  • 69eme Regiment Infanterie de Ligne 3Batt' Marcel Voltigeurs

    This unit has confirmed for Waterloo

    Newly re-formed: 3eme Bataillon 1812-1815 in the footsteps of 
    Capitaine Marcel and his company of seasoned voltigeurs.
    From the frozen plains of central Europe, across the hot dry 
    fields of the Peninsular to the muddy river banks around Ligny 
    and Wavre, we faithfully recreate l'esprit du corps d'une 
    compagnie de voltigeurs qui possedait un elan hors du commun.

    Richard Delingpole