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The Belper Volunteers 1803

C Division
Confirmed for Waterloo: 

The Corps is part of the Loyal Volunteers Living History Society. We aim to portray local units that were hurriedly raised during what the Prime Minister in 1803 described as; 'An Insurrection of Loyalty'. In Derbyshire there were 56 Corps though in 1808-9 these were consolidated into 5 Volunteer Militia Regiments. We will be holding a few, but greatly enjoyable, musters at local sites within our World Heritage Area with an emphasis on living history. Members also have the opportunity to show the trade or profession of their Volunteer as all of them were only occasional 'weekend warriors'.

Uniform requirements are simple and inexpensive and the founders of the Unit (returning 1980's re enactors all) have rightly imbued a sense of friendship and enjoyment into this happy group. If you would care to join in on a full time or occasional basis the unit lends itself to both. We welcome the whole family and international members too as many old re enactment friends from overseas have expressed a desire to be a part of this association.

We also promote research into Volunteers, Militia, Fencibles and Yeomanry and  are currently engaged in a project to preserve the 1808 Colour of the Belper Volunteer Militia. As yet information about Local Volunteer Artillery is sketchy at best but we do own a cannon and at some point 'Old Jubilee' may roar again!

Paul Barrass