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C Division
Confirmed for Waterloo: 

 The 92nd Gordon Highlanders show the life of the soldiers and their families
within this famous Regiment in the so-called Napoleonic wars, roughly from
1799 to 1815. We portray a Light Company and focus on the Regiment as it was
from 1809 (the Walcheren Expedition and the Peninsula) to 1815 (the Battle of
Why portray the Gordon Highlanders when we're Sassenachs?
The 92nd earned their first battle honour at Egmond, Holland, during the ill-fated
invasion in 1799, and came back to the Low Countries on 2 more occasions.
Children of the Gordons were born and baptized in the Netherlands whilst they
were there, and wherever the Gordons were quartered on Dutch families, they
were well-received.
Being a group originally based in North-Holland, with its' home in the
fortress of Kijkduin in Den Helder, what better way to honour those proud,
serving men?


Martin Blom