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71st.[Highland Light Infantry].Regiment.[U.K.].

C Division
Confirmed for Waterloo: 

The 71st are a friendly and sociable group and will welcome anyone, with a positive and fun loving attitude, who wishes to take the King’s shilling. Though based in Kent, we have a wide spread of active members from Peterborough to the South Coast and West as far as Somerset – so far. We also have several members in France.

We’re a campaign unit, not “Chocolate Box Soldiers”, a few holes or patches in your uniform will add to our authenticity, so long as you’ve made an effort and your musket sparks well, the Corporal won’t go off on one – even cow muck is allowed if you remain down wind. Most of the kit can be made within the regiment, which keeps the cost to a minimum. We can provide help and advice when it comes to applying for licences, purchasing muskets and the few items of kit that cannot be made.

We’re well travelled and we even visited Buenos Aires in 2006 just as we did in 1806, except we were invited this time. France, Belgium and Spain are on the annual list of events and we even have true French and Spaniards on our strength.

The real Highland Light Infantry took an active role in most of the actions in the Peninsular and were at Waterloo, where they were reputed to have fired the last cannon shot of the battle, when they captured a loaded French cannon and turned it on the fleeing enemy. Not content with this notoriety, they collected enough horses from the battlefield for the entire regiment to ride to Paris. Such was the confusion after the battle, that nobody challenged them.

For those who enjoy the research aspects, we have good links with our Regimental Museum in Glasgow, and several researchers already among us. Anyone not wishing to wear a uniform may choose to be a soldiers wife, lady, gentleman, even portray a travelling side-show or other camp follower – imagination is everything. Whether you’re in the 71st to “play” or are dedicated to research and authenticity, there’s a place for you.

Join the 71st; have the best of all worlds – Highlanders without kilts; light infantrymen in red coats, a campaign unit with style.

Tim Warner