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C Division
Confirmed for Waterloo: 

The Blackwatch in Malta represent  the Highland troops which came to the Island with the British forces during the Napoleonic Wars. After the French soldiers garrisoning Malta were defeated they were replaced by red-coats and loyal Maltese troops.

Thi 1st Battalion 42nd Reg't [Malta] was formed in 2004 to portray the 42nd 'Blackwatch' highlanders who travelled to Malta in December  1800. The unit was formed by Jason George [Adjutant/Piper based in Malta] and comes under the command of Wagg Ellis-Jones [Captain/C.O. based in England]. 
The Pipers in the unit have the honour of being assigned as duty pipers to the Allied Commander in Chief.

The 1st Battalion RHR- Malta have worked closely during many events with Marines from Hartlepool [UK] and HMS Alexander [Malta]

 Members are drawn from Malta, but a few come from further afield,[The U.K. and Germany for instance]. As with most Highland units, the 42nd here in Malta are part of The Worldwide Highland Brigade.

Although small in numbers we are always open to recruits.

In recent years the Reg't has served in Belgium,Comino, Denmark, Elba, England, Gozo,Holland, Malta, Spain.

All matters regarding the Regiment should be directed to the Adjutant at



Wagg Ellis-Jones