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3/95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot

C Division
Confirmed for Waterloo: 

The 95th Rifles and Royal Horse Artillery Battle Re enactment and Living History Society are able to field a Rifle Company, a troop of RHA Rocketeers, two RHA Galloper Guns, Royal Military Artificers and Royal Engineers. In addition we have an encampment that includes an Officers Mess, Soldiers Tent Lines, Artillery Park and a Field Kitchen that caters for the entire Society.

We provide historical entertainment with drill displays and examples of living history. Our Artillery displays are enhanced with pyrotechnics and our Artificers and Engineers build battlefield features such as redoubts and fortifications.  

In 2015 we will be attending Waterloo with 30 Rifles, 2 cannons and a Rocket Battery.   

Michael Haynes