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Sir William De Lancey died.

Monday, 26 June 1815

Born in New York and tracing his ancestry back to French Huguenots Colonel Sir William Howe De Lancey was a career soldier. His middle name was given him as a mark of his parents respect to the British General Howe of American War of Independence fame. In 1814 De Lancey became Knight Commander of the Bath

After being struck by a cannon ball at Waterloo, ''which came bounding along 'en ricochet', as it is called, and striking him on the back, sent him many yards over the head of his horse. He fell on his face, and bounded upwards and fell again. All the staff dismounted and ran to him, and when I came up he said. 'Pray tell them to leave me and let me die in peace'. I had him conveyed to the rear."...[Wellington] .

On Monday the 26th of June 1815 at a house in Waterloo at about 3'o'clock in the afternoon. "The Surgeons returned - my husband turned on his side with great difficulty - it seemed to give much pain. After I had brought everything the Surgeons wanted, I went into another room; I could not bear to see him suffering................Sir William wanted to see me; I hastened to him..........He gave a little gulp....the Doctor said 'Ah poor De Lancey, he is gone'.....I pressed my lips to his and left the room."...[Magdalene De Lancey].