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Marshal Michel Ney born.

Tuesday, 10 January 1769

At Sarrelouis in Alsace on the 10th of January 1769 Pierre the Barrel Coopers son Michel was born.
In 1787 he joined a hussar regiment. 19th of May 1804 saw him created Marshal of the Empire. In 1812 he was [according to legend] the last man to cross the brige at Kovno and leave Russia. While in 1814 he was supporting calls for the Emporers abdication. At the start of 1815 the Marshall was offering to bring Napoleon to Louis XVIII in an iron cage, by the middle of the year he was fighting the Allies at Waterloo.
On the 3rd of August Ney was arrested. Tried before his peers ont he 4th of December. Found guilty on the 6th of December and executed the next day by a Royalist firing squad. Ney refused a blindfold and gave his last orders to his own firing squad. "Soldiers, when I give the command to fire, fire straight at my heart. Wait for the order, it will be my last to you. I have fought 100 battles for France and not one against her...Fire !" Thus ended the career of The Bravest of the Brave.'

It is rumoured that he escaped to America where he died some 30 years later.........................