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Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton born.

Thursday, 24 August 1758

On the 24th of August 1758 at Poyston, Pembrokeshire in Wales Thomas Pictons son was born. The baby, also named Thomas was to become one of The Duke of Wellingtons famous commanders. 
Commisioned in 1771 as an Ensign in the 12th Foot.  A.D.C. to Sir John Vaughan in the West Indies.A Major in 1795. Brigadier General in 1801. Major General in 1808. Lieutenant General in 1813. Died at Waterloo 1815.
His body was brought back from Belgium and buried in the family vault in Saint Georges Church Hanover Square. a monument was constructed in Saint Pauls and another one in Carmarthen.
Bad tempered and careing little for his appearance on campaign he was often seen in civilian  dress. Those officers on his staff were also noted for 'their laxness of atire'. As a group they were known as 'The Bear and Ragged Staff'.

Sir Thomas Picton