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Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope born

Tuesday, 12 March 1776

On the 12th of March 1776 Charles 3rd Earl Stanhope and his wife Lady Hester Pitts' daughter was born.
By August 1803 she was running the houshold of her uncle William Pitt 'The Younger'. Two men very close to her were her cousin Tom Camleford and General Sir John Moore.
In 1810 with both of her close friends dead Hester left England. She and eight companions travelled by sea to Athens, Constinople, was shipwrecked off Rhodes, on to Cairo and then by land into the Middle East. Omens announced her as the 'Bride of the New Messiah' , whilst at Palmyra she was crowned 'Queen Hester'.
In 1815 her archeological excavation in the ruins of Ascalan to the north of Gaza were the first in Palastine.

She died alone near Sidon in 1839.