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Battle of the Nile.

Wednesday, 1 August 1798

On the 1st of August 1798, leading 13 ships of the line Admiral Nelson attacked the French Toulon Fleet. This fleet, which was at anchor in Aboukir Bay Egypt comprized,13 ships of the line and 4 frigates commanded by Admiral Brueys. It was late afternoon and the French who had been taking part in many shore duties returned to their ships and cleared for action.  Nelsons attack, which came down on both sides of the French fleet resulted in its almost total destruction. While directing the action from 'HMS Vanguard' Nelson was wounded in the head, HMS Culloden ran aground and Brueys flag-ship L'Orient exploded, [its Admiral and most of the crew perishing, the explosion being heard as far away as Cairo].Only two ships under the command of Villeneuve escaped.
Of the French Fleet, 9 sail of the line were taken and 2 burnt; of the 4 frigates, 1 was burnt and 1 sunk. The British loss in killed and wounded amounted to 895. Westcot was the only Captain who fell. 3105 of the French, including the wounded, were sent ashore by cartel; and 5225 perished.
After the Battle of the Nile and with the loss of the Toulon Fleet Britian was able to dominate the Mediterranen and ensure that Napoleons' Army of the Orient is trapped in Egypt.