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The Big Battalions project is the brainchild of Wagg Ellis-Jones, to whom must go a small portion of the credit and all of the blame that may accrue from this endeavour. Wagg is already a familiar figure to many in Napoleonic re-enactment and welcomes any comments and feedback that you may have. Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us page on this site.

 The  Big Battalion crest and Battalion logos are available as magnetic car badges and it is by the sale of them that the web-site is funded. [Sorry, but due to a poor take up these items are no longer available]. Should anyone care send us a 'no-strings-attached' cheque we would be most grateful for the support shown. Contact Wagg for further info.


The technical side of the website is courtesy of Matt Woodman. Should you experience any technical issues with the site please do get in touch via the Contact Us page.


The artwork for the Big Battalions logo and that for the divisional logos was created by Mr Paul Stanley. Mr Stanley will be happy to consider any of your artwork needs and we will be delighted to forward any requests to him.