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The Big Battalions Project

The 'Big Battalions Project' was set up in 2008 so as to make co-operation between British Napoleonic Re-enactment units around the world much easier.


What is it?

Three Infantry Battalions (Artillery and Cavalry later). There is no fixed limit to the amount of units in any Battalion


Why Three?

Because it allows a unit to choose a battalion where it would feel at home, and not obliged to serve with units it does not feel comfortable with. In effect the 'Big Battalion Project' lists units from across the Globe who are happy to serve alongside each other. 

How do I join?

Get in touch using the Contact Us page on this website. To be listed on this site We must have The name of the unit and of its C.O. and a contact email address, preferably that of the C.O., but the unit 'admin person' is also acceptable. If the unit has a web-site that should also be given.
Once accepted a password will be issued allowing you to upload information and pictures. You may also then change Divisions at will.


What is the command structure?

Strictly speaking there isn't one. There are no fixed Battalion commanders or staff officers.

This project is mainly about allowing information and people across the globe to work together. Most of the time we will operate within our own national boarders and within our own Societies/Associations.


How does it work?

In three ways.

  1. By being in the same Battalion as units from different nations you will already have a reason to contact each other, (no more embarassing emails from strangers asking for info). Thus if, in England I find metalwork difficult I could approach an Australian unit, who may find it no problem, but who finds embriodery impossible, or an Americian one who can't get patterns, but who do have access to drill manuals.
  2. If a unit always knows which battalion it belongs to it will always know where to camp and who it parades next to.
  3. When travelling outside it's own country members of the unit, either as individuals or a full unit will always be sure of a welcome by their comrades from other countries.