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69eme Regiment Infanterie de Ligne 3Batt' Marcel Voltigeurs

A Division
Confirmed for Waterloo: 

Newly re-formed: 3eme Bataillon 1812-1815 in the footsteps of 
Capitaine Marcel and his company of seasoned voltigeurs.
From the frozen plains of central Europe, across the hot dry 
fields of the Peninsular to the muddy river banks around Ligny 
and Wavre, we faithfully recreate l'esprit du corps d'une 
compagnie de voltigeurs qui possedait un elan hors du commun.

Attention to detail and a fanatical devotion to "getting it right"
mean we're probably not everyone's glass of Mandarine Napoleon,
but we welcome any man who is prepared to give it a try.

Richard Delingpole