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68th Regiment.[U.K.]

A Division

The 68th (Durham) Regiment, Light Infantry


Originally formed in 1973 as a research group to maintain the memory of the DLI, in 1975 a uniformed drill display team was formed to represent the DLI at the time they became Light Infantry, the 68th of Foot in 1808.


As a group we still have close links with the successor Regiment and its Associations, regularily attending Parades and Reunions with the DLI Association and 5th Bn the Rifles, formerly the 1st Bn Light Infantry. We also work in conjunction with other groups representing the DLI during its history.


The core display team of the society now represents the period 1814, the completion of their service against Napoleon's troops. Recently individual members are expanding the representations of the Regiment for other periods in its 210 year history. Our primary display focus however remains the Peninsula Campaign period.


In 2008 we hosted Anniversary events at the DLI Museum and in Durham City, in conjunction with the DLI Association and Montys Men, to commemorate the founding of the Regiment in 1758, conversion to Light Infantry in 1808 and amalgamation in 1968 to the 4th Bn The Light Infantry.


The society takes part in many living history shows in the UK and re-enactments abroard. Past service overseas include Waterloo, Paderborn, Marengo, Copenhagen, Koblenz, Malta, Elba, Sarzanna with future projects including Corunna, Walcheren, Spain, as well as events in the UK.


The Society recruits from the North of England and holds regular winter drills during the 'off season' (Oct - Mar) in Durham.

Rob Yuill